Zoom Bombing

Programmes like Zoom have been used more frequently throughout the coronavirus pandemic and has been very beneficial for education, work and staying in contact with friends.

It has been brought to our attention that ‘Zoom Bombing’ is happening during meetings. This is online harassment caused by hackers, where inappropriate files are shared with Zoom users. This is not ok. Online harassment is still harassment, we know our platform is used for gigs however we have a duty care to our following.

There have been reports from Zoom meetings of sexual harassment, racism and unwanted attention (aka harassment). We would like to remind you, if this has happened to you, just because it happens through a screen does not mean it is less important to be heard.

If you would like to message us about anything that has happened to you over lockdown, we are all ears, we have linked in relevant helplines for you to use also. Here are tips we recommend that you follow if you are the host of any upcoming Zoom meetings, to ensure that you and your meeting members are safe.

If you wish to contact us, do so through the linked services on our ‘Interact with GigSafe’ section.


Tips for a safer Zoom Meeting:

  • Steer clear from sharing your Zoom Meeting ID link online for the public to see.
  • Make sure to use the Zoom meeting room to see whom is entering your call.
  • Enable a password for users to enter safely.
  • Disable the private chatroom.
  • Disable custom backgrounds in meeting.
  • Disable screen sharing.
  • Do not hesitate to mute or remove any users who are disrupting the meeting.
  • Lock your meeting once it starts.

Zoom Fatigue

Zoom can be overwhelming especially in large meetings, here are a few tips on what you can do to reduce Zoom Anxiety.

  • Don’t be afraid to decline the invitation to the call.
  • Set yourself and others boundaries, let them know that large meetings are not what you would like if you prefer one to one.
  •  Turn off your camera which reduces the feeling of being stared at.
  • Check your wifi is working properly, to reduce any stress in the call if the connection breaks.
  • If you are the host, do not pressure people to join the meeting, as people can have a serious anxiety about being there.
  • Plan what you will say if you decide to leave, this reduces any feelings of rudeness, even though it should be normalised to just leave a call the anxiety can still linger.